Starting a New Church

Starting a New Church

Looking Into A New Home Theater? 3 Reasons To Consider A Movie Projector Instead Of A Large-Screen Television

by Kay Ramos

Whether you have decided to turn a spare room in your home into a dedicated home theater or just want to update and re-design the home theater system you already have in your family room, it is important to learn about home movie projectors and what they have to offer. Of course, you could always just watch those movies on a big-screen television, but nothing provides the theater-quality picture and "real theater" feeling quite like a movie projector and screen does. 

While movie projectors offer many advantages over big-screen TVs in both dedicated home theaters and living rooms, read on to learn about three of their biggest advantages that are making them very popular among home-theater buffs today. 

1. A Projector Offers a Larger Picture than a Television for Smaller Investment

If you have been looking into large-screen televisions for your new home theater, then you may have already decided you will just "go smaller" due to the high price tag that comes with today's largest TVs. While televisions with 80-100 inch screens are now on the market, they can cost as much as $20,000 to $40,000 or more. In addition, unless you can afford a custom-made 370-inch television with a price tag of $1.6 million dollars, then you can't even find a television on the market that has a picture as large as one you can get with a movie projector.

With a much smaller investment in a home movie projector, you can project a movie on a 120-inch screen, while some projectors offer a display of up to 300-inches

If one of your home theater goals is to have a picture so large that you can immerse yourself in it, like you do in the theater, then a projector is a wiser option. 

2. Projectors Display Pictures That Produce Less Eye Strain

If you often suffer from eye strain after working on a computer at work all day long, then the last thing you want to do in your free time is cause your eyes to strain even more when watching a movie. Watching a television causes your eyes to have to "work harder" than when you are watching a movie projected onto a screen; when watching a movie or television show on an LED television, the light projects at your eyes, which can lead to more eye strain. However, a movie projector projects light toward the movie screen and not directly at your eyes, which causes less eye strain

3. Your Projector Can Be Used for More than Just Movie Watching

Of course, your main reason for wanting a great home theater may not just be due to to a love of movies. You may also want to use it to watch those favorite television shows. You may not realize that you can watch more than just movies on today's digital home movie projectors -- projectors come with digital inputs that allow you to connect your home computer, laptop, or even digital streaming devices to them. Some projector even come with built-in digital TV tuners that allow you to watch real television shows live on your projector and/or built-in WiFi that allows you to stream any digital content you would like to without having to hook the projector up to any other digital device. 

While you can connect your laptop to the projector to stream those movies and television shows you love to watch online onto your projector screen, you can also project photos stored in your computer, those lectures you must watch when taking those online courses, or those projects you are working on after-hours for work. 

If you are looking into turning a spare room in your home into a dedicated theater room or upgrading the existing home theater in your family room, then consider integrating a movie projector into your home theater system instead of a large-screen television. Today's digital movie projectors offer many benefits over large screen televisions and often come with smaller price tags. 


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