Starting a New Church

Starting a New Church

How To Make A Video For Your Business During The Current Pandemic

by Kay Ramos

Do you need to make a video for your business but are concerned about how that is possible with the current state of the world going through a pandemic? The idea of a large video production shoot may feel impractical to pull off, making you feel that you should not even bother reaching out to a commercial video production company. However, it may be easier than you think due to these reasons.

Transition To An Animated Video

It is understandable that live-action may not be an option for you, especially if you have an idea that requires a large crew and a lot of talent. It is worth working with a video production company that specializes in animation so that your concept can be transitioned to one that can be created by animators. You may discover that there is a practical solution that does not involve putting people at risk for the video to be created. 

Use Remote Viewing Platform For Live Video From The Set

If you decide to move forward with production, chances are that the people on set will be kept to the bare minimum that is necessary. You likely have a group from your company that wants to see the footage being captured but do not want to be on set for it to happen. Thankfully, there are ways that you can see exactly what is happening from the comfort of your home.

The technology exists to view the video feed directly from the camera from home in the same quality and detail that you would get by streaming video in Ultra HD on Netflix. The feed is in real-time as well, which makes it possible for you to watch the performance as it happens and give instant feedback. 

Work With Editors Remotely To Perfect Your Vision

Long gone are the days where you needed to go to an edit suite and sit down with the editor in person to have a working session. Not only are editors capable of working from the safety of their own home, but they can create high-quality review postings of the work in progress to get your feedback. It is even possible to use the same video streaming technology to have a working session with the editor so that you can give real-time feedback and request changes as the editor builds the video.

Reach out to a commercial video production company to learn more about your options.


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