Starting a New Church

Starting a New Church

A Top AV Company Could Handle Nighttime Productions

by Kay Ramos

Promotional videos, professionally produced ones, could have a substantial effect on would-be consumers. The emphasis here focuses on "professional," as amateurish, technical problem-plagued videos might turn off potential buyers. Working with an established audio/video production company could be a wise decision when the video involves filming at night. Imagine shooting a promotional video for an electric scooter, and a segment of the video consists of highlighting nighttime safety and performance features. If the images appeared poorly lit, the audience might not understand what the action tries to convey. That could reflect poorly on the product. Rather than suffer through a stressful DIY night shoot, why not hire a professional A/V team that knows what it's doing?

Inexperience May Lead to Reshoots

Renting AV equipment and purchasing editing software comes with risks for those lacking experience. Trial-and-error might not be the preferable way to do things. Some may think it's okay to keep shooting footage until getting everything right. Repeatedly taxing a video crew with reshooting footage that was too dark would waste significant time and money. The problem may prove doubly frustrating when the problem comes from a crew that is not up for the job. Hiring a professional A/V team could increase the chances everything works out on time and within budget.

Better Planning and Decision-Making

What specific time would be appropriate to film a night scene? Would a particular location be better suited for the intended project? Audio/video production involves planning and decision making that affects how things might turn out. Maybe the right person, someone who handled several night shoots, should make those decisions.

Operating the Camera at Night

A professional A/V crew could choose the right cameras and lighting equipment most appropriate for nighttime. A videographer's experience might factor into technical decisions, such as choosing the right mode or ISO, which may reduce the chances of recording unusable footage. Playing "guessing games" won't be the right way to use the various camera functions correctly. A pro who videoed night footage before would likely have an idea of setting the camera based on the available light if any.

The Post-Production Phase

Post-production becomes another aspect of the A/V process to consider. The film strategy of day-for-night, shooting during the daytime and altering the look to appear like night time, could be a possibility. Perhaps the video shoot could occur before the sun ultimately sets, and the footage may later undergo alterations through special effects. A top company may be able to deliver this approach.

Really, it may be best for a top company to handle all the production phases. Contact a local AV company to learn more about your options.


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